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Keep your park looking perfect with play ground fencing

Keep your park looking perfect with play ground fencing

10th October 2017

With the kids back at school, there’s no better time to think about upgrading your playground fencing to something a little bit more attractive and modern. Of course, for any play area, ensuring that your equipment and area – from the flooring to the park furniture – is up to the latest safety standards is incredibly important. Still, often fences are one of the last things considered.

For any equipment used for or around children, everything must be accredited or approved by the RoSPA – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Incidents – to ensure that all children using your park are kept as safe as possible.

It’s not just safety that’s important to parents and children – having an appealing, stimulating place to take their kids to is also important. Bright, primary colours, education-based and fitness-based toys, and exciting things to do all help children develop and learn more about the world.

Even fencing can be used educationally, with solutions such as the Zariba Plus Ornate Fencing system allowing complete customisation of lettering while remaining safe and secure for children of all ages. Give little visitors an extra way to brush up on their alphabet, or even include words of the animals you’d find in the park for a more whimsical feel.

For areas where vandalism can be an issue, the use of appropriate fencing with both vandal resistance and the ability to be bolted to the floor will keep your playground looking new and fresh for years. In addition, excellent fencing can save you time and money spent updating your fencing that could be used to improve equipment or keep the rest of the park looking fantastic for visitors.

Fencing in your playground not only protects from potential vandals, but it also offers a small haven for families and parents, where they can relax and allow their children to play – safe in the knowledge that they’re unable to climb out or exit the perimeter easily. As well as keeping children in, fencing can also keep animals such as dogs out, keeping the playground clean and safe to play in.

Interested in updating your fencing or adding some aesthetics to your park? Get in contact with Zaun today – we have a solution for every occasion.