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What is BS EN 14974?

What is BS EN 14974?

30th June 2021

Anyone who runs a facility that opens to the public knows about the various industry standards they must meet. Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to these standards and avoid being shut down or facing legal trouble.

What is the BS EN 14974:2019 standard?

In simple terms, this is a safety standard designed with skate parks in mind. As you would expect, its main aim is to make skate parks safer to use and safer to enjoy. It is a broad-ranging standard for the building and operation of such parks.

It should be noted that no safety standards can ever make skate parks 100% accident-free. The very nature of the activity which takes place in them makes occasional sprains, falls and mishaps hard to prevent. This safety standard does, though, ensures skate parks are built so that the likelihood of accidents is reduced.

Following this standard is also key to keep skate park owners within the law. Under UK legislation, skate park owners are normally only liable for damages if they can be proved negligent. However, by taking the required steps, such as following this standard, it is unlikely this will happen in the event of an accident.

What does it mean in terms of fencing?

An essential part of any skate park is the fencing which gets installed on-site. BS EN 14974:2019 covers fencing in such facilities and sets out certain conditions to follow. Finger traps can be a real danger when skateboarding, for example, and can see skaters trap fingers when riding. To help combat this, the standard stipulates that any gap between the safety channel and handrail is less than 89mm. This leaves too small a gap for people to trap fingers in.

Which products are compliant?

If you are responsible for operating a skate park, it really is essential only to use products that comply with this standard. This keeps you in line with the law, makes your park a safer place to be and stops you from being held liable in most cases for any accidents. But what compliant products are there to consider?

The best choice for many in terms of fencing is Zaun’s Spectator Rails. They can be manufactured to BN ES 14974:2019 standards for total peace of mind and enhanced safety, but this standard must be specified at the time of order to ensure compliance. The compliant rails are supplied with extended clamp bars at the end and corner posts to meet the relevant guidelines.

Contact Zaun today for compliant Spectator Rails.

If you need great value products that comply with BS EN 14974:2019, get in touch today at [email protected]. Our top-quality Spectator Rails are the ideal solution to make your facility more appealing to use and legally compliant.