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Safety when it matters – choosing the right playground fencing

Safety when it matters – choosing the right playground fencing

11th January 2018

A playground is where children go to play and have fun with their families and other friends. Having the right playground fencing allows children to stay safe in a secure environment and provides peace of mind for parents and carers. When choosing playground fencing, you need fencing designed to keep children safe and is also colourful and appealing, in keeping with the feel of the play area.

Keeping children safe and secure

Playground fencing makes it easier for parents to keep children safe, preventing children from running away and also protecting them from other hazards, such as dogs that are off their leads. In addition, playground fencing provides parents with that extra bit of time to react if a child tries to wander off, which is particularly important for parents who have more than one child, elderly carers or people with limited mobility.

Choosing the right fencing for the playground

Playgrounds that have the wrong type of fencing increase the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Bow top playground fencing adheres to the guidelines of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents to ensure all possible steps are taken to minimise accidents. The design of the bow top playground fencing system makes it completely see-through and provides parents with a clear view of their children at all times. In addition, the fencing itself is designed and spaced to minimise the risk of curious children trapping themselves in the bars.

The gates are also built and designed with safety as a priority. They are designed to minimise finger trapping and are available with an automatic closing mechanism, reducing the chance of children wandering out and dogs wandering in. As a further safety feature, the bow top fences challenge children to climb for added peace of mind for parents and carers.

Built for sustainability

Bow top fencing is also vandal resistant, making it sustainable and helping to maintain the playground as an inviting and fun environment for children to play. Available in various finishes and bar and rail sizes, all bow top fencing posts, panels and gates are galvanised, making them sustainable in the long term.

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