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3 reasons your school needs playground fencing

3 reasons your school needs playground fencing

06th April 2017

In the modern world, risks cannot be taken when it comes to managing the safety of children. Therefore, security for schools is crucial, and the need to invest in playground fencing is more important than ever in protecting the property, staff and pupils.

Different fencing styles suitable for schools include Apex, Barcode, Bow Top and Solid Vertical Bar railings.

Here are three reasons why your school should invest in security playground fencing:

1. Vandalism

If your school grounds are left wide open, the likelihood is that it will be under threat from both vandals and thieves. It is effortless to invade the grounds without the protection of fencing. Unlike other forms of fencing, which are low and easy to climb over, security fencing is tall, secure and makes it difficult to access the grounds behind it. If you were looking to go the extra mile, your school could also invest in fence toppings for extra protection.

2. Safeguarding School Playground Fences

As schools are open to public members during the daytime, there is no way of preventing harmful individuals from accessing the property. Maintaining the safety of both staff and pupils becomes increasingly difficult without a barrier to protect them from outsiders. If parents or outsiders need to come into the school at any point, it may be worth installing an intercom on your fencing to control the access.

3. Reduces risk of escape

Whether your school is primary or secondary, there is always the risk of pupils and students leaving the property without consent. Children may accidentally wander off the property if left unattended, and teenagers may bunk off when aiming to skip lessons or leaving early. Ensuring the safety of pupils is a priority and can be managed with security fencing.

Fencing is an ideal way to add to your school’s security plan. It is also worth considering other safety measures for greater protection. Yet, fencing would be the most effective place to start, with the peace of mind that the property, staff and pupils are safe from harm.

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