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Why do playgrounds need security fencing?

Why do playgrounds need security fencing?

28th July 2020

When designing a playground, it’s paramount that you remember to consider installing adequate fencing around the perimeter. There are many reasons for this, in regards to both the children that play on the grounds and the surrounding public – read on to find out the main reasons why playground fencing is such a necessity.

Safeguarding – Keep children contained in a safe area.

Though parents are advised to look after their children at all times, sometimes circumstances, mistakes, or negligence mean that children go unattended for periods of time while playing. By installing security fencing around the playground perimeter, you’re increasing the likelihood of children remaining where they should be and minimising chances of running off. Playground fencing also gives peace of mind for parents that have more than one child to watch.

Keep unwanted intruders out.

Of course, there are some people you don’t want near your children – this could be for reasons as serious as safeguarding following adoption or following a court restraining order. However, criminals are more likely to be deterred if ample security measures are in place, keeping children on the playground safe as they play.

Keep dogs away

It’s not just untrustworthy humans. You need to keep away from public playing areas, too, though. Especially during the hotter months of the year, dog walkers are more likely to let their pets off their leash to allow a wider roaming area. Even the most mild-mannered dogs can suddenly turn wild if provoked, and a playground full of screaming, energetic children might be one of those triggers.

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