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Making the right fencing choices for schools

Making the right fencing choices for schools

15th March 2018

The right kind of fencing can protect students and teachers, parents and visitors alike, and it can also prevent unnecessary injuries, especially when it comes to boisterous children. On the other hand, the wrong kind of fencing can make a school seem like a dreary or offputting place instead of an oasis of education, welcoming its students every day.

Avoiding danger

Well-chosen, high-quality school fencing isn’t just about keeping some people in and others out. In a recent incident, one child’s family was awarded £2864 in compensation after they, unfortunately, ran into some barbed wire on school premises and badly injured themselves (see Daily Mail). Thankfully, there’s no need to have dangerous materials like barbed wire when you can install high-quality mesh fencing instead.


Mesh fencing also comes into its own when we look around the school grounds and see all the other ways kids can get themselves into trouble. School bins, for example, are a big danger to inquisitive children. A game of hiding and seek can get badly out of hand if a skip that’s easily accessible suddenly seems like a great place to hide! Likewise, school bins can be full of rotting food or discarded equipment. However, such hazards can easily be locked away behind a good quality mesh fence or cage.

Look and feel

Schools should be welcoming places, making kids feel ready to learn, and they shouldn’t be intimidating. But, at the same time, they need to be safe, secure, and effective at keeping unwanted visitors out. The right combination of railings and mesh fencing can create a peaceful, self-contained atmosphere yet still provide a high level of security that protects students and visitors. What’s more, schools must regularly review their perimeter fencing to ensure it’s in line with current legal standards so that they fulfil the necessary safeguarding and security requirements.

Zaun can help you make the right choice when selecting school fencing and will support you in finding the right products for the job. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help.