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Zaun makes perfect fence at Ruislip High School

Zaun makes perfect fence at Ruislip High School

04th March 2010

As part of the development of Ruislip High School in West London, Fencing solutions specialist Zaun has been specified by architects.

The company’s extensive range of fencing systems has been used in various applications around the site, including perimeter fencing to help increase school security and for two multi-use game areas.

The boundary of Ruislip High School features Zaun’s stylish hollow tube railings, with the rear of the complex having a 2.4m fence in response to concerns over security, while the front features 1.2m railings to demarcate the school’s roadside perimeter, the perfect fence for this solution. In addition, several runs of low railings were specified to protect ornate gardens and shrubberies by discouraging pupils from taking shortcuts that could damage plant growth.

Similar in appearance to solid tube railings, the bars on the hollow tube range are slightly larger in diameter to give them a heavier visual impact. To complement this, as the bar is hollow, the system is also more economical, making it an extremely cost-effective solution without compromising performance and durability. Using a round or square section tube, the rails are flat top as standard but can be mitred for an attractive effect. Top caps can also be added to offer an alternative appearance.

For the multi-use game areas (MUGAs), Zaun’s sports fencing was specified based on its ability to reduce noise from ball impacts. This MUGAs feature recessed goals and basketball hoops to increase user participation amongst the pupils.

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