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MoJ approves Zaun Group to supply prison fencing

MoJ approves Zaun Group to supply prison fencing

08th December 2015

Zaun Group companies have been appointed to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) approved supplier and installer list of fencing materials.

The MoJ published a framework contract for the supply of fencing materials on 2 June, inviting tenders and requests to participate.

It has now concluded its selection process, including financial audits and sample installations for inspection and testing by MoJ personnel.

Both Zaun Limited and Binns Fencing have been appointed to the framework as approved suppliers of permanent and temporary galvanised steel fence posts and welded steel fence mesh. At the same time, Binns is also a MOJ approved installer.

The approvals apply to MoJ prison fencing throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland. Zaun Limited and Binns Fencing will supply MoJ approved prison mesh fencing, prison posts, prison gates and other systems approved by the ministry of justice throughout the UK.

Zaun Limited and Binns Fencing were subjected to a financial audit, erected prison fencing were inspected and tested by personnel from the MoJ. Featuring high-quality welded wire mesh panels overlapped and attached to round steel posts using full-height clamping bars and security fixings. All panels and posts are galvanised, with optional PPC powder coating to enhance the protection.

Binns Fencing has been manufacturing and installing prison mesh fencing for well over 35 years, with a strong pedigree of being part of fencing at nearly every prison in the UK and Ireland and channel islands, including Jersey and Guernsey.

The combination of Binns Fencing expert installation and Zaun Limited high-quality manufacturing capabilities ensure that the MoJ receive high-quality prison mesh fencing installed to the highest standards every time, whilst also providing the prison with innovative cost-saving solutions to enhance the perimeter security further.