Allens accreditation means three approved to install ArmaWeave | Zaun

Allens accreditation means three approved to install ArmaWeave

Allens accreditation means three approved to install ArmaWeave

09th May 2017

A third company has been accredited to install ArmaWeave, an approved high-security perimeter fencing system manufactured by Zaun.

Expert installers Allen Fencing Limited, part of the Allens Group, have committed to training their site operatives in the installation methods for ArmaWeave developed by Zaun overtime to make the best use of its unique high-security has woven fabric.

Impressed with the system’s versatility, Allen Fencing Limited is now installing the Zaun mesh on several security sites.

With their new accreditation, Allen Fencing Limited now brings the number of approved installers of ArmaWeave up to three, alongside systems integrator Crime & Fire Defence Systems and premier prison fencing installer Binns Fencing a Zaun subsidiary.

Managing Director of the Allens Group, Paul Cope, said: “We are delighted to have received this accreditation and look forward to working closely with Zaun to install their security products in the future.”

Zaun has established the new scheme after increasing customer requests to recommend contractors with suitable installation, quality and safety standards.

ArmaWeave is produced on the world’s largest steel loom at Zaun’s West Midlands manufacturing base.  It has unique properties that give it distinct advantages against more traditional welded mesh systems, such as panels that can be raked to accommodate slopes.  Therefore, installers require the necessary skill sets to set this up.

The wire of the panels has a tensile strength, typically more than double-welded panels, so special methods are needed for cutting the panels during installation.

Zaun trained Allen Fencing Limited’s installation teams on the properties and tolerances of ArmaWeave and how it is manufactured.  The training is for fencers with proven experience in high-security fencing work sponsored by a company that can demonstrate its professionalism through membership of a relevant trade organisation and valid UKAS accredited ISO9001 certification.

The certificate of training is only valid while the individual is working for the host company.  This ensures the trained individuals are working properly under quality management to install the product.

With its partners, Zaun hopes to increase the adoption of ArmaWeave as the standard for secure sites of Critical National Infrastructure – such as utilities, data centres and nuclear sites – while ensuring consistent installation quality.