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Zaun reduce carbon footprint with new energy efficient heating system

Zaun reduce carbon footprint with new energy efficient heating system

17th November 2020

At Zaun we’re committed to improving every aspect of our business on a continual basis and in particular the welfare of our staff. We have made great strides in improving our infrastructure through both the use of more energy efficient equipment. As a part of this program of improving our infrastructure, we have recently installed a brand new and highly efficient heating system at our factory.

What have we chosen?

There were many options available, but ultimately we chose to invest in the Space Ray energy efficient heating system. The system works by using a gas-fired flame inside a calorised emitter tube. This causes “black heat energy” to radiate.

What this ultimately means is that the system actually targets heating people and surfaces directly, which makes it a far more efficient system. After researching the various systems on the market, we discovered that usually, a heating system will focus on just heating the air around it, which leads to a lot of wasted energy. By directing the heat, the heating system maximises efficiency.

Why have we invested in this energy efficient heating system?

There are many reasons to invest in a new energy efficient heating system. The first is obvious in that it’s going to be much more efficient. This doesn’t just come down to the costs of keeping the system running, it’s a consideration about the amount of energy it takes to properly heat our factory space. Our previous system simply wasn’t efficient enough, and used far too much energy for the amount of heat that it provided, which means investment and improvement was essential.

This is a part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our energy usage and our carbon footprint wherever and whenever possible. We’re constantly finding new ways to operate more efficiently.

Another very serious consideration is the quality of life our valuable workers experience. Coming into winter presents serious challenges for a factory space in ensuring that all of our factory workers are as warm as possible. Being cold is not only uncomfortable, but it leads to the more rapid onset of fatigue. Ensuring that we have an efficient heating system in place to keep workers warm ensures our working conditions meet our high standards. We pride ourselves on developing a great relationship with our clients, but we also pride ourselves equally on developing those relationships with our employees.

A part of a wider drive for efficiency

These investments are part of an ongoing program at Zaun to considerably reduce our carbon footprint, while at the same time increasing our operating efficiency. What does that mean for you, our clients?

It means we’re able to provide our high quality fencing solutions to you, while all the time reducing energy waste wherever possible. You experience no sacrifices to the quality of our products, but you also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re dealing with an environmentally conscious company.

This is just the beginning, at we’re looking to make consistent changes that benefit everyone.