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Pros of mesh panel fencing

Pros of mesh panel fencing

04th June 2019

Mesh panel fencing comes with a plethora of benefits and is widely used. It is often found in the likes of playgrounds, schools, sports courts, and construction sites. This welded fencing is a viable option for those looking for maximum security without creating an eyesore.

Low maintenance and minimal impact

The fixings used to attach the mesh panels to the adjacent posts are steel and backed with anti-rattle rubber pads. This is why they’re an ideal choice for outdoor football pitches; should the ball ricochet off the perimeter, the resulting sound is minimal. Moreover, the stainless steel tamper-proof security bolt fixings mean only the strongest materials are used, so minimum maintenance is needed.

Strong and durable

The posts are manufactured from steel tubular sectioning and use threaded inserts to fix the steel mesh clips together. And should the fence be installed on a gradient, additional fixings are provided to aid the stepping of the panels where necessary. Over 1.5 million adults in the UK participate in small-sided football games each week, and this mesh fencing ensures protection for the venue, participants and spectators alike.

Dual purpose

Not only does mesh panel fencing offer maximum security, but it can also serve a purpose aesthetically. The fencing is made using galvanised material and is coated with polyester. It can be purchased in a range of colours, making it an attractive security option – an option that is robust, cost-effective and easy to install. The combination of maximum security with aesthetic appeal makes it a popular choice.

Visibility for spectators

While the mesh panels are strong and difficult to cut through, they still provide good viewing for spectators while providing resistance to climbing for vandals. The audience can still watch through the fence without interfering in the game and without fear of being hit by a stray ball.

Weather friendly

The lightweight design allows wind to pass through the panels; this reduces the chance of any damage due to stormy weather conditions or strong winds. Again, this results in very little maintenance following the initial installation.

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