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What should you look for in fencing for Hockey Games?

What should you look for in fencing for Hockey Games?

20th October 2020

Hockey is a popular sport around the world and certainly within the UK. Fast-paced and full of action, it is played in many schools, colleges and universities across the land. In addition, many councils will also have public hockey pitches for people to use and private sports clubs will run hockey teams too. One key factor for any hockey pitch is proper sports fencing. This not only keeps the ball in play effectively but keeps intruders off the pitch and the players safe inside.

Before you install hockey fencing though, you should think carefully about what to look for. To make it a bit easier, we set out some of the key points below.

Bespoke fencing for Hockey Games

It is easy to think that all fencing for sport is designed the same, but this is not true. Hockey is a sport which sees a lot of cannonball style impacts when the ball hits the outside fencing. This could be a real problem if you install sports fencing which is not designed to stand up to it. Specialist fencing for hockey pitches can also be made in single large panels. This, in turn, helps to avoid injuries which players can pick up on standard fence breaks. Fencing made specifically for the hockey pitch will also use special EDPM inserts to cut down on the noise from ball on fence impacts.

Looks good

Any sports fencing has to look good and have excellent visual appeal. This will not only help to make people want to play on it but also attract people to watch them too. Hockey fencing which is aesthetically pleasing will also make your grounds look extra professional and smart. Many organisations will opt for woven or welded mesh fencing now as this is not only super durable but easy on the eye.

Value for money

Any organisation which decides to install fencing like this will be working to a budget. It is therefore key to look for fencing which offers value for money. This will ensure that you stick within your allocated budget and do not overspend. Looking for the best value will also enable you to find fencing which has the best range of features for the price.

Contact Zaun for fencing for Hockey Games

Here at Zaun, our hockey pitch fencing is designed specifically with the sport in mind. Superb value for money and great to look at, it is tough enough to give years of reliable use. Call today on 01902 796699 for more information.