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Installing the right sports fencing

Installing the right sports fencing

19th April 2018

Choosing and installing sports fencing is crucial to the safety and security of everyone involved. While council-run and privately owned facilities provide much-needed resources for communities, it’s essential that pitches and courts are kept secure.

Of course, the right type of fencing will depend on the location of the pitches or courts. Ice hockey fencing may be used to protect spectators from being hit by a stray puck, for example. Alternatively, outdoor netball courts and outdoor football pitches could be serviced by Duo Sports fencing.

Designed to facilitate multi-use game areas, Duo Sports fencing can be used to protect various types of pitches and courts. As well as ensuring a secure area for teams to play, the Duo Sports system has been created with sound in mind. By using additional fixings to secure the Duo Sports panels, any rattling is reduced to a minimum.

Don’t forget sports accessories

In addition to providing a wide range of sports and play solutions, Zaun specialises in targets, nettings and removable posts. By installing a range of targets on sports fencing, owners and managers can increase usage and ensure that space is fully optimised.

Appropriate for almost all pitches and courts, sports netting is an easy way to enhance the security of your site. By adding additional height to existing fencing, sports netting can prevent balls from going out of play and negates the need for children or young people to leave the secured site.

Choosing safe swimming pool fencing

Due to the dangers posed by unsecured swimming pools, it’s vital that all pools are surrounded by reliable fencing. In addition to protecting the pools itself and surrounding amenities, secure fencing will prevent anyone from gaining unauthorised access to the pool.

With child-proof locks on gates and solid, steel structures, our swimming pool fencing is designed to provide long-term security to pools of all types. When installed, Zaun swimming pool fences can be bolted to the surface of the terrain or placed in the ground using concrete. Both options provide a sturdy foundation and increase the efficacy of safety fencing.

To find out more about installing sports fencing, contact us today.