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How installing security fencing can keep sports facilities safe

How installing security fencing can keep sports facilities safe

24th May 2018

As we head into the summer, we’ll be spending more time outside, seeking opportunities to indulge in sports and outdoor activities as the weather hots up. As a result, sports facilities, tracks and grounds, including outdoor 5-a-side football pitches and outdoor tennis courts, will soon be filling up, especially once the schools break up for summer. If you’re a business owner of sports grounds such as these, you may want to think about how security fencing.

The range of sports and play solutions available covers all areas: tennis courts, bike lockers, spectator rails, goal and basketball solutions, and more. The choice is vast, as are the benefits, and these include the following:

Keep unwanted visitors away after hours.

Protecting your property and facilities is likely first and foremost on your list, so ensuring you have suitable security fences installed will help keep unwanted visitors, including criminals, away after hours. If facilities are easily accessible, they are likely to entice vandalism, but installing our strong fencing will keep criminals at bay, and they offer great value, too.

Protect your customers

And we’re not just talking about the adults – children, too. Sports pitches are vast, and the last thing you’d want is your customers feeling uneasy whilst they’re indulging in their hobbies. In addition, as the summer approaches, the nights will be getting longer, and children will be staying out later. In doing so, you want to make sure your customers feel protected, no matter what time in the evening it is. Installing security will help this and also give it a professional feel too.

Safety first

All of our sporting fencings are strong and make play safe, especially for the younger generation. For example, our Duo Sports fencing features clamp bars covering panel ends, reducing sharp edges and the opportunity for accidents.

Here at Zaun, we offer high-quality fencing and perimeters for the sporting industry. From railing solutions to bespoke fencing and custom designs, we work with you to help ensure your needs are tended to, no matter what size ground it may be. To explore our full range of security fencing for your sporting facilities, you can contact us on 01902 796699 or email us at [email protected].