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Why is super rebound fencing the perfect choice for sports pitches?

Why is super rebound fencing the perfect choice for sports pitches?

07th April 2020

When it comes to sports pitches, everyone knows that having effective perimeter fencing in place is essential. It will not only protect the pitch from intruders but also keep those playing on it safe. Of course, it is also pretty handy for stopping balls flying outside the pitch itself! What you might not know though is how key the type of fencing you choose is. One of the best types of welded mesh security fencing to have installed for sports pitches is called super rebound.

But what makes it so good for use on sports pitches like outside basketball courts or MUGA’s?

Less rattle when play is on

Many pitches go with wooden rebound boards but mesh super rebound fencing has a number of advantages over this sort. A major one is that super rebound fencing does not rattle as much when struck by the ball. This reduction in noise is very welcome for anyone nearby who might otherwise soon grow tired of hearing it. This feature is especially good for outside community pitches in housing estates or built-up areas.

Completely safe surface

Another plus point for mesh super rebound sports fencing is how safe it is. There are clamp bar ends on each covering panel which means no sharp edges for players to catch themselves on. This is naturally great for making sports pitches safer and giving players more confidence to use the pitch in question.


This type of fencing is made with high usage and high impact sports in mind. This means it is able to take plenty of action and last for a long time, with no degradation in how it performs. The durable mesh construction is also weatherproof and able to withstand anything mother nature brings along. Due to this increased durability, they are also low maintenance which saves you both time and money.

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