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What to consider when installing sports fencing

What to consider when installing sports fencing

22nd August 2019

The installation of fences in the sporting industry is mainly embraced by the sports club, schools, and the Olympic Games for safety purposes. These include the safety of spectators, players, and even surrounding buildings to avoid damages by stray balls. One of the most affordable solutions for fencing in the sports sector is MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area), where mesh fences are erected in courts used for different games. For this reason, it is important to realize what type of fence best suits the sports area before investing in the fence installation process.

The sport in question

Different types of specialised fences may be used among other games, ranging from football, netball, hockey, and tennis. With the key factor being the height of the fence, depending on the sport, the fence may be of different lengths. Another feature that should be considered is the game’s visibility for the spectators through the fence and minimal noise when the ball strikes the fence. Here, using welded mesh to increase visibility would be ideal, while noise reduction would be achieved using the double wire Duo Sports fencing system.

Safety concerns

Besides, with the fence installation in place, it will not only be helpful to the players due to ball retention, but it is an essential safety mechanism to protect against intruders or vandalism. Aside from this, whether the fence is installed in a school or sports club, the pitch can also host other ball games using the fence to subdivide the courtyards. Other sports that require a special kind of fencing include golf and cricket, where the boundary-netting system is used as the ball stop fencing.

Legal considerations

Some other matters to consider when installing different kinds of sports fencing are concerning the law. For example, the swimming pool fencing regulations governed by ASTM safety standards of Europe through AFNOR Standard NF P90 306 should be met. It is, therefore, essential to find a reputable fencing company that ensures compliance and adherence to the law when it comes to erecting safe and secure fences.

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