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Keep your festival events safe and secure

Keep your festival events safe and secure

07th September 2015

Festival season is drawing to a close, but for many people who work in the industry, that means it’s time to get heads down and start planning for next year.

Reading and Leeds, festivals notorious for debauchery, kept a low profile this year, with fewer reported tent fires and deliberate vandalism, which have plagued the festivals in recent years. It wasn’t all rosy, though, with the summer seeing a spike in people hospitalised after taking illegal substances at festivals across the UK.

Keeping punters at your festival event safe and secure is always a top concern, and it’s much easier to manage with one-day events than overnight festivals, which involve camping. However, the potential for theft and vandalism is always high when tents are involved, as is the likelihood of intoxicated punters hurting themselves or others by accident.

If your event runs overnight, keeping a close eye on campsites is really critical – ensure you have a good ratio of stewards and security personnel to campers so that any incidents that occur can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Substance abuse can also cause harm to people visiting your festival, so it’s important to keep this in check as much as possible. Banning glass bottles from the campsites is a no-brainer, reducing enormously the likelihood of broken glass causing injury. Still, if you’re serious about safety, it may also be worth limiting the number of alcohol punters can bring.

Ensure that security staff are on the lookout for anyone dealing illegal drugs and implement a zero-tolerance approach – taking unknown illegal substances can be very dangerous for attendees.

Temporary secure perimeter fencing will ensure that your venue does not go over capacity and become dangerous – it can also be a good way to stop those who wish to enter illicitly, many of whom may have ulterior motives such as theft and vandalism. Please make sure you have good quality security fencing that’s tough to climb and will serve as a deterrent as much as it does a barrier!

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