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Custom fencing for a more welcoming site

Custom fencing for a more welcoming site

13th March 2018

Installing fencing around your high-value site is important for protection of assets and control of access, but fencing can be an eye-sore that detracts from your business. Mesh fencing can be designed to be bespoke for your business to so that it looks stylish and attractive, however. Here we explore how custom mesh fencing could be better for your site.

Increased security

Fencing is not a one-size-fits-all solution and the topography of your site could make natural weak spots in the fencing. With a custom design, however, this can be taken into account from the outset and you can ensure that there are no weak spots around the property.

Improved accessibility

With custom mesh fencing, you can create controlled gate options that are both attractive and more accessible for those who are allowed to enter. With a custom mesh fence, you can design this entry system to be seamless for those with a pass and perfectly secure for those without one.

Professional approach

When you have visitors or investors coming to the site you want it to be welcoming and appealing as you approach. Many fences offer the opposite impression, but a bespoke mesh fence can be appealing without being intimidating. While remaining secure and impregnable a mesh fence can be made to be more attractive with stylish design and with embossed logos or slogans that represent the business.

Increased value

Adding custom mesh fencing to a business park can also add value to the property and can increase the resale value should you wish to expand or move in the future. While this is often the last thing on your mind when developing a new site, investing in mesh fencing that adds value now and increases the value overall will help you in the long-run.

Greater control

With bespoke mesh fencing, you will have more control over the appearance of your business. For many people, the fencing is just a task to be completed, but a mesh fence that is custom designed will give you control over how the site looks, operates and feels as you approach it. This can help you to set the right impression to clients, customers, visitors or staff and can create a better business environment.