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Why is mesh rebound fencing ideal for your sports pitch?

Why is mesh rebound fencing ideal for your sports pitch?

06th September 2018

If you are responsible for managing a sports pitch, then the type of security fencing you have around it is key. This is true for a set of school football pitches, a council-owned tennis court, or a private basketball court. For sports where the fencing may be at risk of regular impact from balls when in use, superior quality mesh rebound fencing is a great option. This specially designed mesh security fencing can withstand the high impacts it will see for greater long-term durability.

But why should you be choosing this type of mesh perimeter fencing for sports like football or tennis?

Total perimeter security

Of course, as with any security fencing, the first concern is to keep the pitches safe and everyone inside secure. Rebound fencing does this as it is as tough to bypass as standard mesh fencing. In addition, it gives great visibility to spectators so they can enjoy watching the game and check their child is safe. This kind of security fencing can also be seen from far away, which will deter potential intruders from even coming near your pitches.

Reduced noise emissions

The great thing about mesh Rebound fencing for sports is that it makes much less noise than other options when the ball hits it. This is naturally superb if your pitch is next to a residential area. Also, compared to standard wooden rebound boards, they are much quieter.

Graffiti proof

Standard wooden rebound boards can attract graffiti when no one is there due to a solid chunk of material. Proper mesh rebound security fencing eliminates this problem as there is no solid surface for vandals to deface. In addition, the mesh design makes it impossible for any would-be artist to spray their ideas onto.

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