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Bespoke wire mesh fencing is the answer

Bespoke wire mesh fencing is the answer

04th December 2018

What comes to your mind when you think about wire mesh fencing? Large scale security fencing circling industrial sites? Zoo fencing or outdoor football pitches? Yes, it’s perfect for those applications. But wire mesh also has another hidden advantage. It can easily be customised to adapt to unique perimeter fencing or landscaping projects too.

A dream to design

Not every fence is the same. Sometimes builders, architects and individuals need to find flexible, bespoke solutions to individual fencing projects. That might be because an organisation’s perimeter includes unusual dimensions. The border may have to incorporate specific gaps, gates or borders. Occasionally a whole fence needs to be created with a striking, patterned top edge to match an existing design. The creative and manufacturing possibilities of mesh mean that it is perfect for fences and railings just like this.

Easy to personalise

Branding makes a memorable impact on clients and visitors. It lets them know what a company stands for and what to expect. Businesses often benefit from incorporating their logo, name or mission into the exterior of their premises. If that’s the case, wire mesh provides the perfect low-cost answer. This type of fencing can be designed to include distinctive laser cut shapes, markings and organisational logos in an impactful and memorable way, helping to boost awareness and profits.

Colour matters

Fences aren’t always colourful. Worn wood and brick fencing can look shabby and dull. Wire mesh can be galvanised and powder coated in almost any colour, including metallic. A green or brown fence complements rural settings, parks and gardens by blending into the landscape and providing a climbing grip for plants. If red, yellow or blue is needed for a particular motif, this can be woven into the mesh to stand out to the eye. When simple black or white is required to create a modern, classic look, the answer also lies with wire mesh. What’s more, coloured sections can be incorporated into an existing perimeter or created as new fencing.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, how we present our premises always makes an impact. Why not let bespoke wire fencing make it a good one? Call Zaun today.