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Yarls Wood – A National Concern

Yarls Wood – A National Concern

15th September 2015

In August, at Yarls Wood Detention Centre, protests have again raised concerns about the treatment of the detainees and the centre’s security. After protestors gathered at the security fencing in support of the women detainees held there, the Chief Prisons Inspector Nick Hardwick called the centre ‘a matter of national concern’ and vowed to boost security.

At any detention centre or prison, high security is paramount. With new Government legislation coming into force which means that anyone working illegally in the United Kingdom could be sent to prison, the need for the highest security solutions has never been more relevant. Protestors at Yarl’s Wood and other detention centres around the country have continually tried to climb the fences or kick them down, and there have even been several breaches.

In light of the recent crisis at Calais and with the influx of immigrants and refugees from overseas, detention centres have been at the forefront of the UK’s response and must be able to both provide two-fold security for both the detainees and residents; racist attacks on both legal and illegal immigrants are not uncommon but, conversely, protests about the way the detainees are treated have also been the cause of some violent scenes, as in August.

Fencing for high-risk centres can be anything from standard 358 welded mesh panels to high tensile woven mesh fencing. Anti-intruder solutions are built-in with alarms, super-strong barriers and fence toppings, all prominent in the fight to dissuade potential intruders or escapees. At Zaun, we aim to provide solutions for all politically and human-rights sensitive facilities and prisons and detention centres. In addition, we provide fencing for psychiatric hospitals, government laboratories, and the military. Our fencing has been licensed by the UK Association of Chief Police Officers, who agree our solutions help ‘design out crime’ and has been tested and approved by, amongst others, The Highways Agency, the Buildings Research Establishment and the prison service and are rated SR1 and SR2. If you require this specialised fencing service, get in touch to get a bespoke security solution.

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