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Events which require temporary fencing

Events which require temporary fencing

19th November 2015

Whereas many organisations will need fencing installed for life, others whose operations move around regularly or who only stay in certain locations at particular times of the year.

For this latter group, temporary security fencing is provided, emphasising the need for them to be easily manoeuvrable and fitted and durable when in place. With such a wide variety of companies that could potentially use this service, here’s a list of the more common ones.

1. Festivals

Festival organisers are the archetypal example of businesses that jump from one site to another frequently. At such events, temporary security fencing is needed to contain crowds in orderly queues while entering the event; stop anyone without a ticket from gaining access; and allow security a reasonable chance of searching festival-goers for drugs, weapons and other illegal items. Given that such events require copious amounts of space to hold what is often tens of thousands of people, they also arguably need more temporary fencing than most other companies.

2. Major sporting occasions

Once-in-a-lifetime events like the country hosting the Olympics, Commonwealth Games or a sporting world cup often involve large viewing spots being set up, such as the one established in Hyde Park during the 2012 London Olympics. As well as these, with so many people entering events, fencing is often needed to keep them in orderly queues or to contain bar areas.

Yet the same also applies on a smaller and more regular scale for larger than usual occasions in the annual sporting calendars, even for smaller clubs. Thus, for instance, a League One side reaching the latter stages of the FA Cup would expect to pull in far more supporters than usual, and given that its stadium will not be used to such numbers, they may have to employ temporary fencing on the day.

3. Political events

These can range from annual political party conferences to organised demonstrations – and sometimes it can be a case of keeping one at a distance from the other. Such high-security events prove how necessary it is to have strong, durable temporary fencing available, as attendees at party conferences often include high profile people who need to be given priority protection.

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