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Factors to consider when installing temporary fencing for construction

Factors to consider when installing temporary fencing for construction

15th August 2019

According to research, the loss of raw materials, equipment, and tools from a construction site accounts for about a 2% increase in the overall cost of the building. Most of the time, the losses occur due to theft. Therefore, perimeter fencing is a logical solution to improve construction site security because it will reduce theft and vandalism.

Temporary fencing for construction sites will prevent intruders from accessing your site and ensure safety for all the building materials. One of the major problems with trespassers is that they could get injured at the site, which would lead to potential legal claims. Given that we have established the importance of construction site fencing consider some factors when picking the right fencing.

The site area

One of the most significant factors is the size or dimension of the construction area. With the size in mind, it’ll be easy to budget appropriately. For example, you can find the right kind of fence to provide safety with your site needs with a budget in mind. However, you may order a particular type of fencing without the right size measurements only to find that it stretches your budget beyond the projection.

Loading space

Take into account your cargo area for all the trucks delivering materials at the site. The construction site fencing needs to have a spacious access point that will accommodate the large trucks’ entry and exit. You also need to have enough space for the trucks to manoeuvre when off-loading the materials.

Traffic safety

This is only significant for construction sites close to public motor and pedestrian roads. The fencing materials you choose should not bring harm to either the cars or pedestrians on that road. It should not interfere with their traffic either. For instance, the gates to your construction site should swing inwards and not outwards to avoid interfering with the traffic outside the gate. Ensure that the fencing does not take up any public space and that you hang safety signs to warn motorists about any potential dangers from the site.

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