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3 sports that could benefit from using mesh security fencing

3 sports that could benefit from using mesh security fencing

14th August 2018

When it comes to keeping your sports pitch or field safe, top quality woven or welded mesh fencing is a great choice. Tough, durable, yet smart looking, this sort of security fencing is ideal for various sporting activities. It keeps out any intruders you don’t want and helps avoid any damage they could cause to your premises. But which sports, in particular, could benefit from this sort of security fencing solution?


Football fencing is a must for any school with pitches or actual football grounds. As one of the most popular sports across the UK, football has a real need to keep the perimeter of any stadium or training facilities secure. This is especially crucial for the matchday pitch as it needs to be kept in good condition for teams to play on. If intruders have gained access and left divets or rubbish behind then, this is a disaster. High-end perimeter fencing will keep out the people you don’t want in and let everyone enjoy the match the next day.


Another trendy UK sport is rugby. Played in schools, at amateur and professional levels, it has millions of fans and players who enjoy it. As with football, protecting your team’s or school’s rugby pitch is essential. With so much diving about and going to the ground, you don’t want intruders accessing it at night and leaving rubbish or glass bottles behind. Top class security fencing will provide a strong deterrent to would-be vandals and ensure they will not gain entry, even if they try.


Tennis has always been played widely in the UK and is more popular than ever now. There are many amateur tennis clubs across the land, with many being in remote, country locations. Unfortunately, this can make the tennis courts a target for break-ins. This makes erecting welded or woven mesh security fencing crucial to secure them when no one is around. Having this security in place will keep out any intruders when you are not there and help keep your wayward balls on court!

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