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Using security fencing for containment

Using security fencing for containment

04th April 2017

In most cases, security fencing is used solely to prevent intruders and criminals from gaining unlawful access to a site or premises—however, some instances in which security fencing also needs to prevent people from leaving an area. If you are in charge of the security for one of these institutions, it’s important to choose a perimeter fencing solution that can keep site users safely inside while still keeping would-be intruders safely outside. But what exactly are these institutions? Here are three examples.

1. Prisons and detention centres

Prisons are the most obvious example on today’s list. However, they are remarkable because they are among the very few places where security should be focused more on containing site users than on blocking intruders. Very few people want to break into prisons or detention centres, but plenty of prisoners want to break out. So if you’re in charge of organising a prison’s security system, you need to choose a fencing option that’s difficult to scale or breakthrough from the inside. We have several high-security fencing options that are suitable for prisons. For example, ArmaWeave, Hisec 358, Hisec Prison, HiSec Super, to name a few. These are ultra-tough fences that present an impassable barrier for intruders and would-be escapees alike. Of course, additional security measures (such as CCTV and alarm systems) are also essential components.

2. School Safeguarding

Whereas prisoners need to be contained inside prisons to protect the public, children need to be contained inside schools (or other similar institutions) for their own safety. Young children have a propensity to wander off and can sometimes get lost or walk into dangerous situations. That’s why schools and nurseries need to have perimeter fencing that can stop children inadvertently wandering off school grounds. Of course, school fencing should still primarily be focused on keeping out intruders, but if you’re in charge of a school’s security, it’s worth bearing in mind that it also needs to keep pupils safely on-site. Not all types of security fencing are suitable for schools and other child-focused sites, and our previously mentioned high-security options would be too imposing. Luckily, children aren’t masterful escape artists! Lighter, friendlier fencing options (such as our Duo 6 or Gemini options) should keep them from leaving their school grounds.

3. Secure hospitals

Some caregiving institutions such as psychiatric and high-security hospitals need to ensure the patients are not a threat to themselves or members of the public. Deploying security fencing is one way to stop patients from leaving until they are well enough to be discharged. The psychiatric institutions that house the nation’s most dangerous patients should consider Hisec Prison fencing. Institutions that house lower-risk individuals may wish to deploy a less imposing, mid-weight fencing option, such as Duo or Dualguard.

Here at Zaun, we offer a wide variety of security fencing solutions, including options designed to keep site users in and blocking intruders. Please browse our range or contact us for more information today.