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Features of a high-security fence

Features of a high-security fence

27th August 2019

A high-security fence is an effective security measure in keeping a commercial premise or institution safe. Security fencing is used to keep occupants in and intruders out. High-security perimeter fences come in various robust designs such as welded mesh, railings, and palisade fencing. Despite the differences in their construction, high-security fences share some key features.

1) Access control

Access points like gates and pedestrian passages are potential weak spots if not properly controlled and monitored. The best solution is to grant access to persons who have been screened and given security clearance and authorised personnel. Usually, this is done by issuing key cards that automatically open doors and gates to visitors with the right of access.

2) Security system

High-level security goes beyond the physical fence barrier. An electrical security system is an integral part of perimeter protection. Secure fences are equipped with integrated security systems, including CCTV systems, intruder detectors, physical detection systems, analytics, and alarm systems. Modern security systems can detect, analyse, and report potential intruders long before they even touch the fence.

3) Impenetrable fence toppings

Toppings add an extra layer of protection to the fence. A high-security fence is not complete without a crown of intimidating toppings. The toppings discourage intruders from attempting to climb over the fence and deters those who try. Effective fence toppings include razor wire, anti-climb guard, spikes, electrified wire, and barbed wire.

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