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Why perimeter fencing is the cornerstone of all good security systems

Why perimeter fencing is the cornerstone of all good security systems

13th September 2016

As a modern business owner, you have a huge number of security options available to you. For example, you can invest in sensitive alarm systems or reinforced doors and windows for your premises. You can even set up a comprehensive surveillance network of CCTV cameras to catch intruders on camera. However, while all of these security measures are useful, we at Zaun believe that they should always be secondary to good old-fashioned security fencing. Of course, investing in modern, high-tech security solutions is often worthwhile (we supply many of them ourselves, in fact), but you should always worry about installing a strong perimeter fence first. But why is fencing so important? Why should it be your primary security measure?

Firstly, a high-quality security fence is an excellent foundation on which to build the rest of your security system. Installing a fence establishes a clear perimeter and allows you to define the area you wish to secure. It also provides a physical starting point for your security system. Once you have a fence, it’s much easier to find somewhere to install security cameras and alarm systems: you can attach them directly to the fence.

Secondly, security fencing has an immense psychological impact. CCTV, alarms and even reinforced doors aren’t obvious to the casual observer. They don’t look imposing and, therefore, won’t deter criminals on an emotional level. Of course, these security measures might help stop an intruder, but they won’t prevent them from trying to get into your premises in the first place. In contrast, security fencing is highly visible and sends a clear message about securing your premises. As a result, it can deter intruders before they even try to gain access to your building.

Finally, security fencing is easy to maintain and isn’t prone to failure. For example, advanced electric systems are susceptible to power failure, and reinforcing a door or window is only effective if you reinforce others. In contrast, security fencing can’t be affected by electrical problems. What’s more, it only takes a single, unbroken fence around your building to secure it; you don’t have to worry about setting up different sections or layers (except in very exceptional circumstances).

Before you buy any other form of security, we at Zaun recommend that you invest in perimeter fencing. It has the potential to be the cornerstone of your security system.