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How a mesh security fence deters criminals

How a mesh security fence deters criminals

28th March 2019

When it comes to the security of your property, you’ll want the best. That is why mesh security fencing is highly recommended. There are many benefits of this type of security fencing, but people sometimes have questions about its reliance and resilience. This is especially true as there are often news items about the ingenious ways criminals are developing to beat security measures.

However, there are many ways that mesh security fencing will deter criminals attempting to penetrate your perimeter. Here are some examples.

1. Graffiti and tagging is not possible

If criminals can’t get past barriers, like walls or wooden fencing, their next step is often to graffiti or tag them. This can be just as costly as a break-in, and it looks unprofessional to passers-by. However, mesh security fencing can’t be damaged like this. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about repairing any associated damage.

2. They can’t cut the wire

One common concern for mesh security fencing is that it is easy to cut a hole for access. However, mesh security fencing is incredibly tough, and it would take a lot of effort and time before a breach is made that would allow a person to access your property. In addition, by this time, it is more likely that other security measures, like mobile patrols, CCTV, or police patrols in the area, would have discovered the criminal elements.

3. Criminals can’t hide behind security structures

When you install mesh security fencing for your business, you are putting up a barrier that still allows visibility to the perimeter of your business. This is crucial because if you can see the threats to your business before they come too close, you can prevent crime. In addition, other security structures can sometimes give criminals a spot to hide that your CCTV or patrols miss them, offering them longer to commit a crime.

4. No one can climb mesh security fencing

It is really challenging to climb mesh security fencing. Even harder if you don’t have the right footwear or physical build, this is mainly because the mesh is too small to offer footholds along the perimeter. The material is too slippery for enough friction for feet to grip. Even if a criminal uses studs on their shoes, these can get caught in the mesh.

These security features make mesh security fencing one of the best defences against crime. Unfortunately, criminals know it’s tough to beat, and that is why they’ll avoid your business and go for softer targets.

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