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Stopping Criminal Escapes

Stopping Criminal Escapes

20th June 2017

As we’ve suggested in previous blog entries, a good security system should do more than prevent criminals from entering your site or premises. It should also make it impossible for them to escape if they do manage to get inside. But how can you ensure that your security system has the capacity to trap prospective criminals? You might think that if an intruder can break into your site or premises, they must be smart enough to extricate themselves afterwards. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Obviously, you’d prefer that your security system stopped miscreants from getting into your premises in the first place. However, if a criminal does get past your security measures, you can still prevent them from leaving until they can be arrested or detained by official law enforcement personal. Here at Zaun, we understand security better than anyone else. That’s why we’d like to give you some tips on how to do this.

1. Utilise inward-facing fence toppings

Outward-facing fence toppings can create overhangs and other obstacles that make it harder for prospective intruders to access your site by climbing over your fence. However, you can also utilise inward-facing fence toppings to prevent them from getting back out. For example, you can install a secondary layer of security fencing inside the perimeter created by the outer layer of fencing. You can place inward-facing fence toppings on this secondary inner layer. Inward-facing fence toppings may not completely stop determined criminals, but they may slow them down and delay them until law enforcement personnel arrive to arrest them.

2. Place alarms and CCTV cameras throughout your site or premises

Empowering your security personnel to spot and detain criminals is the best way to prevent them from escaping your site. By positioning CCTV and alarm systems throughout your premises (and not just at the perimeter), you can ensure your security personnel will be alerted if someone makes it inside your site or premises. This will empower them to stop that person and keep them from leaving until law enforcement personnel arrive.

3. Have security personnel carry out regular patrols

Having them carry out regular patrols is another way to ensure that your security personnel can catch and detain prospective criminals. Don’t just have your security personnel patrol your perimeter, though: make sure they walk through your site or premises regularly to spot, catch and detain any criminals who might have made it inside.

Here at Zaun, we can provide security fencing, fence toppings, alarms and CCTV systems. If you want to stop criminals from escaping your site, all these tools can help, so check our range today. You’ll need to hire your own security guards, though!