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The psychological power of security fencing

The psychological power of security fencing

10th December 2015

There’s no denying that dealing with terrorism and extremism is the defining issue of our age. The recent tragic attack on Paris has shocked the world and created a widespread climate of fear. In times like these, it would be all too easy to submit to paranoia and hostility. However, we at Zaun believe in focusing on practical security solutions and not giving into fear of extremism. The use of security fencing, such as the kind we provide, is a small but essential part of keeping people physically safe in these difficult times, but it can also have immense psychological benefits. Simply put, it can help combat fear.

Security fencing in places such as schools and airports allows ordinary people to go about their business knowing that they are safe from imminent attack. Fear can be a psychologically destructive and demoralising force – that’s why terrorists use it. However, proper security measures (including security fencing) can help alleviate fear and reassure people that they are still as safe as possible.

Following horrific events like those that occurred in Paris, communities can sometimes become suspicious of one another as everyone worries about where the next threat will come from. Security fencing and other simple-but-effective security measures can help people feel safe enough to start trusting one another again. In other words, it’s sometimes necessary to put up a few physical barricades to prevent mental barricades from forming between communities and people with different viewpoints. Security fencing and barriers are sometimes allowed to become symbols of fear, but we at Zaun believe they can and should be used to protect people from fear. If you’ll forgive us for waxing philosophical, we believe that security fencing is and should be a symbolic shield that protects everyone, not a barrier that divides people.

We are living through a difficult period of history; all over the globe, some hope while some despair. We may only make security fencing, but we want to be on the side of hope. The current problems of terrorism and extremism can and will be resolved eventually. Until then, our security solutions can help keep you safe and, just as importantly, help you feel safe.