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Euro 2020: Why is security fencing vital for its success?

Euro 2020: Why is security fencing vital for its success?

11th February 2020

Fans of the beautiful game will be eagerly looking ahead to the Euro 2020 football tournament this Summer. It is set to kick off in June 2020 and will see the final at London’s Wembley Stadium in July 2020. However, while we all look forward to some great games, tournament organisers will be busy getting the relevant arrangements in place. A key part of this will be organising robust security fencing around stadiums. But why is temporary sports fencing like this needed for large sporting events?

It helps to keep fans safe.

Of course, the primary aim of major tournaments such as Euro 2020 is the safety of any fans who attend games. Organisations use fencing to achieve this goal and ensure any supporters who watch games are fully protected. This could be from outside threats such as a terrorist attack or other fans trying to access restricted parts of the ground to cause trouble. Security fencing also presents a clear visual deterrent to any potential trouble makers and helps those watching football stay safe.

Prevents trouble or overcrowding

One key function which sports fencing fulfils is crowd control. This is especially true at the start and end of games where large numbers may be moving around. Security fencing can help control this flow of people when set up correctly and avoid any overcrowding at exits or entrances. It is also vital for helping to separate rival groups of supporters who may cause trouble if left to mix freely.

It makes the whole event a success.

Large events know that the image they project is key to people enjoying them and also feeling confident enough to attend. Without the right security measures in place, this is hard to achieve. A tournament like Euro 2020 will use robust yet spectator-friendly sports fencing to show people that it is safe to watch games in person and therefore attract bigger crowds in the future. Sports fencing will also give the whole event a happier vibe as people feel protected. This will ensure it is seen positively, both at the time and in the future.

Let Zaun help with your sporting event’s security

Here at Zaun, we can provide the robust fencing that your sporting event needs. It offers all the benefits we have looked at above and will mean people can enjoy themselves in total safety. Contact us today for more details.