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How to improve the safety of your multi-use games area

How to improve the safety of your multi-use games area

08th October 2015

Multi-use games areas, or MUGAs as they are more commonly known, are beneficial sports facilities that cater for a wide range of sports, from basketball and netball to football, hockey and tennis. Consequently, it is important to ensure that the facility you construct can facilitate all sports that you intend to play within it safely and securely when building a multi-use games area. To help you do so, listed below are our top tips on how to improve the safety of your multi-use games area:

1. Use panelled rigid mesh

Many schools and sporting institutions use rolled welded mesh to construct the areas of their multi-use game. However, although this type of fencing is cost-effective, it is not suitable for ‘high-impact use, such as instances wherein a football or tennis ball will be kicked at it regularly from close range. Therefore, if you are constructing a multi-use games area, it is strongly advised that you invest in panelled rigid mesh fencing that will be more durable and possess a better rebound perforThish; this denser type of mesh is often used for football fencing in schools, tennis fencing in professional athletes’ training centres and hockey fencing at sporting arenas. In addition, this panelled rigid mesh will also facilitate a clearer view of the playing field, which can prove useful if you intend to host sporting events for spectators at your multi-use games area.

2. Opt for higher fencing panels

As a rule, if you are constructing a multi-use games area, you should choose sports fencing that is over two metres high and implement additional ‘ball-stop netting’ if necessary. Not only will this higher sports fencing maintain the flow of the games being played by preventing stray balls from exiting the facility, but it can also improve the safety of the athletes by preventing intruders or pests from gaining unauthorised access to the grounds. In addition, if your multi-use games area is located near a busy road, then these higher fencing panels can also prove instrumental in preventing balls from straying into these nearby roads and causing hazards.

3. Position posts on the outside of your fences

One of the most common sports injuries within multi-use games areas is players being injured by running into posts during fast-paced games. Consequently, it is strongly advised that you position the posts of the areas of your multi-use game on the outside of the sports fencing and place clamping bars on the inside. This secure clamping will not only reduce the amount of noise generated when a player or ball hits the sports fencing, but it will also substantially reduce the likelihood of post-related injuries.

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