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£8m improvement programme for football pitches

£8m improvement programme for football pitches

10th May 2016

More than 2,000 grass pitches across the UK will be improved over the next four years under a new sports improvement and investment programme from the English Football Association (EFA).

The Pitch Improvement Programme (PIP) will provide grassroots clubs, volunteers and groundskeepers with a range of services to support the on-site evaluations with practical advice and recommendations. These recommendations could range from improvements in the ground and pitch conditions to improve the pitch perimeter with spectator railings.

With 83 per cent of pitches in England under public ownership, the funding for pitch maintenance is often at risk as councils are forced to prioritise between sport and essential services, which often sport and leisure lose out.

The official pilot scheme has already seen £1m invested into grassroots pitches and 800 visits to sites by trained experts.

PIP has already proven to be a tremendous resource for many grassroots clubs. In addition, through the introduction of new technologies, The FA is able to develop local investment strategies and continue talking directly with clubs about the state of the facilities they use, providing dedicated programmes to help with improvements…

Mark Pover, The FA’s national facilities manager

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