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3 effective security measures for industrial businesses

3 effective security measures for industrial businesses

06th February 2018

Security, like anything, never sits still. Criminals are constantly changing their tactics, and security firms are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of them. Though businesses with any capital have something to lose, secondary-sector businesses should be particularly vigilant when protecting their premises.

Here are some of the most effective ways to secure your industrial business from modern-day threats:

Educate and enforce

While physical defences like security fencing will do a lot of the work for you, it’s important to educate your staff on security policies and actively enforce them. Unfortunately, many industrial plants don’t even have their most basic security protocols recorded anywhere.

Be sure to draft, perfect and implement policies about various factors, such as which people have access to which assets, acceptable use of assets and reporting procedures in the case of a breach. These policies should also include a set response plan for restoring critical production apparatus following a major security breach.

Beef up your first line of defence

Physical security measures are essential for any industrial business. Some of the most damaging crimes are straightforward thefts when criminals can access the factory from the outside. Make sure you have high, professionally installed perimeter fencing complemented by CCTV and motion sensors.

You can also protect private servers and other valuable assets through good access control, key cards and locks. So whether you’re most at risk of inventory theft or intellectual property theft, physical security measures should never be overlooked, even in this increasingly digital day and age.

Use device profiling to control network use

Like many modern businesses, yours might have implemented a bring your own device (BYOD) policy to make collaboration and work in general more productive. Unfortunately, while there are certainly advantages to BYOD workplaces, it can make controlling your network much more difficult.

Acquire some device and identity profiling software to make monitoring, authenticating, controlling user privileges and other important functions easier. This will simplify the task of linking your company’s network up with a centralised security system dictated by clear policies. Furthermore, in the event of a breach, you’ll be in a much better position to respond effectively.