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What are the key security measures for schools?

What are the key security measures for schools?

31st July 2020

Now that COVID-19 lockdown has eased somewhat, UK schools have started to see some pupils in some year groups attend in person once more. The UK Government has also recently announced its commitment to ensuring all children in the UK get back to full-time education in schools as of September 2020. Of course, all this will be by new social distancing rules and measures to keep everyone safe.

It is not only measures to keep staff and children safe from COVID-19 that your school should focus on. Making sure the rest of your site has what it needs to keep everyone secure is just as vital. Giving your current on-site security a review now before everyone returns full-time in September is, therefore, a great idea. This will give you ample time to fix any issues you spot over the upcoming summer holidays.

But what security measures for schools should be in place?

Security fencing

Erecting security fencing for schools is a great option, to begin with. This kind of perimeter fencing is tough to breach, hard to climb and puts a physical barrier up to keep your school safe from thugs out of hours. It will also mean that staff and children are kept secure inside school grounds when there. Security fencing is also simple to install and offers great value for money.

Proper visitor registration

Visitor registration is one of the essential security measures for schools to have in place and keep constantly reviewing. You do not want people to wander off the street and have free access to roam around your buildings or grounds. A robust policy on visitor registration will help to avoid this. It will also keep you fully in control of who exactly is on-site at any one time.


One great security measure that all schools should consider is installing a CCTV system. This is even more pressing if you are beset by problems like vandalism or theft. CCTV can be expensive compared to other methods, but it is a real deterrent to intruders. Even if they break in to cause mischief, CCTV will give you the hard evidence to pass onto the authorities.

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