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Why is it key to use specialist security fencing in prisons?

Why is it key to use specialist security fencing in prisons?

26th November 2019

When it comes to protecting the perimeter of any facility, building or business, security fencing is a great option. This not only provides a physical barrier to people breaking in but also a psychological one. Prisons are one place where this type of security feature is vital – not only to keep inmates inside but also to stop intruders from getting in from outside. While this is fairly obvious, you may not know that using specialist security fencing, which has been approved by the Ministry of Justice, is the best idea.

But what features does this have which make it so key?

Hard to scale

All top quality perimeter fencing should be tough to scale in truth, but specialist prison fencing is even harder. This is due to the very close mesh design, which leaves no footholds or handholds for people to use. The net effect of this is perimeter fencing which is pretty much impossible for a person to scale on their So naturally, really, this is very effective in preventing inmates from escaping or people climbing over to drop contraband off on prison grounds.

Tough to cut through

The first thing many intruders will do if they cannot scale a fence is to try and cut their way through. Specialist prison fencing is built to withstand this, though and can only be breached through the sustained use of heavy-duty power tools. Even if people do go to the effort of doing this, your security team will have heard all the noise when they make the hole they need. This means that they can be stopped and dealt with easily.

Secure installation process

This kind of fencing has been specially constructed to do exactly what prisons need to stay safe. Not only can you have steel cladding added for extra protection, for example, but you can order it double-skinned too. This is superb for making it hard to simply breakthrough. The way the fence panels are installed also helps here. The panels are fixed on the secure side of specially designed posts, so intruders cannot remove them with tools. All this makes them very secure and safe.

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