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Replacing your existing security system without compromising on protection

Replacing your existing security system without compromising on protection

20th September 2016

Does your current security system need to be overhauled or replaced? You may be hesitant to upgrade your current system because replacing perimeter fencing, CCTV and other security measures without temporarily compromising your security can be incredibly tricky. However, having an up-to-date and effective system is always better in the long run, so we at Zaun would recommend upgrading as soon as possible. Therefore, to help you overhaul your security system, we’ve decided to offer you some expert advice on how to replace parts of it without disrupting the protection that they usually offer.

1. Install new CCTV cameras and alarm systems before deactivating the old ones

It might seem easier to remove old CCTV cameras and alarms before you install new ones. After all, doing so offers you a high level of freedom in terms of the placement and wiring of the new devices. However, if you choose to do this, you will be left without CCTV or alarm coverage until the new system is fully installed and operational. Therefore, we suggest getting your new CCTV cameras and alarms set up before decommissioning the old system. This will minimise the transitional period and ensure that you don’t have to cope without CCTV and alarms for any longer than a few hours.

2. Replace security fencing on a section-by-section basis

It’s not often possible to install a new fencing-based perimeter before removing the old one. This is because the new perimeter usually has to occupy the same space as the old one. However, you should avoid dismantling and removing your entire perimeter before installing a new one because this would leave every part of your premises exposed simultaneously. Instead, we recommend removing each section of fencing and replacing it before moving onto the next section. This ensures that only one part of your premises at a time suffers from reduced security.

3. Hire extra security personnel

The simplest way to protect your site or premises as you change from one security system to another is to hire additional security workers. Human beings can always protect your site while your automated systems and physical security measures are out of commission.

If you do need to upgrade or replace your current security system, contact us today. We can supply everything you need to ensure that your site is secure for years to come.

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