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What to Consider When Installing a Perimeter Security System

What to Consider When Installing a Perimeter Security System

09th May 2019

With technological advancement in the security sector, you can never lack suitable perimeter security systems to ensure safety around your place. An appropriate outdoor perimeter security system can keep you and your property safe from break-ins and unwarranted entries. However, you must first consider a few things before deciding on the best security system for your home or business.

Walls or fences

Walls are naturally daunting and can easily discourage intruders from raiding. However, some criminals are determined and may attempt to go past a wall. Therefore, if you build a wall, it must be a stable one that can withstand a vehicle trying to ram through it. The wall should also be high and, as an option, with surveillance cameras that can help you see whoever is outside. Nonetheless, building a brick wall could be too expensive or take much time, making it necessary to install a fence.

There is a wide variety of perimeter fencing options, including spiked fences, electric fences, and barbed wire fences. When fencing your property, you must consider the function, aesthetics, and cost. For example, you might need an electric fence, which provides higher security stands, even though it might be costly to install and maintain. The height, thickness, and strength of the fence you choose can also determine the level of security you get. For example, steel fences are harder to compromise than wood fences that intruders can easily hack apart.


A gate allows you to grant or deny entry to your property. When installing a gate, you must also place a locking mechanism and a port of exit and entry system. Your gate and its lock, whether electronic or keyed, should be so strong and secure that criminals cannot breakthrough.

Surveillance technology

Intruders are no strangers to surveillance technology. Criminals often pull off inside jobs because they can quickly spot the location of a surveillance system and either cover the camera lens or rip it off. Therefore, it is necessary to place your cameras and other surveillance equipment where burglars can’t reach or see them. It is also essential that the gadget you put in place, whether on a wall or a perimeter fence, is sturdy enough to survive a blow.

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