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Waterworks site security: Why is it needed and how is it done?

Waterworks site security: Why is it needed and how is it done?

19th February 2021

There are key pieces of national infrastructure around the country which keep it running. Waterworks sites are certainly one, and they help purify dirty water before pumping out clean water to where it is needed. As a result, this is a site that definitely needs the right kind of security in place. But why is this, and how is it usually done?

Waterworks site security – why do we need it?

The simple answer is that waterworks are highly confidential sites of national security. As such, they must be protected sufficiently from intruders. But why is this specifically? The first reason lies in keeping the public safe. If intruders could get onto a waterworks site, they could tamper with the water supply there. This could then see the water treated at the site as dangerous or unfit for public consumption. You can probably imagine what would happen if a toxic chemical or poison was added to the supply at a waterworks!

The other main reason site security is needed at a waterworks is how important the supply of water is to the nation. We not only use it for drinking and cooking but also cleaning too. So if someone were to get into a waterworks without permission and damage key equipment, it could impact clean water supply in the area.

Waterworks site security – which methods are commonly used?

By far, the most common approach which all waterworks will use still is high-security fencing. This type of perimeter fencing presents a physical barrier to stop intruders from getting in. However, it also poses a psychological one, as the mere sight of security fencing will put people off from attempting to break in.

Hostile vehicle mitigation is also something a lot of these sites will use now. This is to stop a vehicle from being driven directly into the site and causing harm to equipment or people. From bollards to barriers, mitigating against hostile vehicles is a sensible precaution in the modern world.

Effective waterworks security with Zaun.

Here at Zaun, our range of woven and welded mesh fencing is ideal for protecting any waterworks site. We can also fit effective hostile vehicle mitigation security if required. Get in touch today to find out more.