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Which security fence coating is right for you?

Which security fence coating is right for you?

26th September 2019

When selecting security fencing, aesthetic appeal is rarely the most important consideration. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about how the fence will look once it’s installed. If you don’t think about the aesthetics of the final product, there is a risk that your building will look foreboding. While this is desired for some buildings such as prisons or military facilities, it is not suitable for schools, universities, hospitals or sports grounds.

To help prevent your building from looking like a fortress, you can soften the fencing by changing the colour or finish. So in this blog, we will look at the four most popular types of fence coating and the benefits of each.

4 types of security fence coating:

Powder coating

This is a powdered form of paint that is applied by electrostatic spraying. A positive electric charge is applied to the paint particles, which attracts them to the surface of the metal to create an even coating. Once the paint is applied, the coating is baked in an oven which forms a durable skin providing strong protection against the elements.

Powder coating is one of the most popular coatings due to its high performance and low cost. It provides better protection than standard paint and is less likely to chip over time. Like normal paint, powder coats can be applied in many different colours, allowing you to choose a colour that complements your facility. In addition, powder coats can be applied to standard or galvanised finishes.

Marine coat

This coating is a thermoplastic coating that is applied by dipping or electrostatic spraying. It is designed to provide long-lasting protection in challenging environmental conditions. The marine coat is resistant to stress-cracking, salt spray and detergents, while also providing a degree of electrical insulation and impact resistance.

Because the coating is free from halogens and the combustible smoke is low in toxicity, it is suitable for petrochemical and offshore facilities. The finish is also resistant to chlorine fumes which makes it ideal for swimming pool fencing.

Galvanised finish

Galvanised steel is steel that has been hot dipped in zinc to provide a corrosion-resistant coating. It provides highly effective protection against the elements and is cost-effective to apply. Once the steel has been galvanised, it can be painted or powder-coated in a range of different colours to match your facility.

Galvanised fencing is popular for security mesh panels and gates due to its relatively low cost and strong corrosion resistance. It is the ideal coating for the airport, office, factory, warehouse and school fencing.

GalZal® finish

The GalZal® finish is similar to galvanised steel, but the coating comprises zinc and aluminium. This improves corrosion resistance compared to standard galvanisation, with Galfan® coated products lasting up to four times longer. And because the coating is thinner, weldability is improved, allowing it to create more intricate panels.

GalZal® finish is suitable for a wide range of applications where a strong and durable finish is required. Examples include football pitches, park fencing, security gates, zoo fencing and bike lockers.

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