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3 benefits powder coating fences brings

3 benefits powder coating fences brings

28th September 2021

Security fencing is one of the best ways to protect your premises. This is because it gives a physical and mental deterrent to any would-be intruder. The effective barrier fencing brings them in their tracks before they can get on-site! There are many choices on the market for this sort of fencing, but powder-coated fences are some of the most popular.

But what benefits does this treatment for fencing deliver?

Extends lifespan

The financial investment installing security fencing brings means you need it to last a long time. While top-quality standard fencing will do this, powder coating will add years to its overall lifespan. This is down to the complex organic layer powder coating, helping protect the metal underneath. This means it stands up better to the corrosion which being outside in all weathers brings. Powder-coated perimeter fencing is also much more resistant to graffiti, and this also helps it last longer.

Custom and noticeable fencing

Another benefit of powder coating your fencing is the huge range of colours you can choose from. At Zaun, for example, we have 60 standard finishes and 1000 non-standard colours to select from! This means you can create a truly custom look for your high-security fencing without any hassle. Opting to coat your fencing in a bright colour also helps to make it stand out more. This can come in handy for marketing purposes or simply so people can spot it easily.

Powder Coating Fences = Low maintenance

You might be keen on getting fencing installed to protect your business, but high maintenance requirements are not as desirable. Luckily, powder-coated fencing is low maintenance, and this means you do not have to spend lots of time or money on keeping it looking great. One example of this is the ability of powder coating has to resist UV induced colour change or fading. This means you do not have to divert resources into having the colour touched up regularly.

Contact Zaun for powder coating fences.

Here at Zaun, we are proud to offer BS EN 134838:2005 accredited powder coating as one of our services. Our experienced team can powder coat your security fencing to make it stand out and give greater longevity. If you would like to find out more, get in touch at [email protected].