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Should you have your security fencing powder-coated

Should you have your security fencing powder-coated

04th February 2016

Here at Zaun, we don’t just sell security fencing: we can also powder coat it. This service adds a brightly coloured, highly durable coating to your fencing. As standard, all of Zaun’s fencing is powder-coated. However, you may be wondering if you would really benefit from this service. Here are three questions to consider in order to decide if you need to have your security barriers powder-coated.

1. Will your security fencing be highly visible to the public?

Powder coating can dramatically improve the appearance of your security fencing simply by making it more colourful. If your security fencing will be placed in a position where it will be visible to the public for a long stretch of time, it is advisable to make sure it looks as appealing as possible. By using powder coating to make sure that your fencing is visually attractive, you can improve your organisation’s public image. Whether you need security fencing to protect your business’s premises or to keep trespassers out of an event, it is important to maintain a positive, friendly image: powder coating can help you achieve this.

2. Will your security fencing be exposed to environmental pollution?

Our high-quality powder coating is highly resistant to pollutants. As pollution can sometimes damage metal and cause corrosion, it’s important to protect your fencing from it. Having a powder coating applied is a simple, cost-effective and efficient way to give your security barriers the environmental protection they need.

3. Does your security fencing need to last for years?

Powder coating can increase the longevity of security fencing by ensuring that the underlying metal isn’t exposed to the external environment. Therefore, if you need your security fencing to last for many years, we emphatically recommend that you have it powder-coated prior to installation.

If your security fencing will be public-facing, or if it needs to survive harsh environmental conditions or the march of time, powder coating can be beneficial. Visit our powder coating page to find out more.