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Three factors to think about before choosing fencing

Three factors to think about before choosing fencing

16th February 2017

Security fencing is essential for establishing a clear and secure perimeter. However, it’s not enough to install the first type of security fencing you find. It’s vitally important that you choose a fence with specifications that match your requirements as closely as possible. Consequently, there are several factors that you should contemplate before investing in a security fence. To help you get to grips with these factors, we’ve compiled them for today’s blog entry.

1. Height

How tall should your security fencing be? Increased height equates to increased security because it is harder for intruders to climb over taller fences. However, taller fences can look slightly foreboding, which can be a problem when choosing the fence for a public space or a small business site where customers should feel welcome. To choose the fence of the correct height, you should carefully balance your security requirements against the need to cultivate an approachable public image.

2. Vehicular resilience

Some determined criminal groups may attempt to use vehicles to breach your perimeter, as we’ve mentioned in our blogs on hostile vehicle mitigation. Therefore, you need to think about whether your site or premises is likely to be targeted in this way. Generally, it is worth bearing in mind that larger businesses and organisations are far more likely than small ones to be targeted by high-level criminal groups that can afford to deploy vehicles. If you decide you are at risk, it’s worth investing in fencing with a high level of resistance to vehicles or augmenting your fencing with hostile vehicle mitigation features. However, these are fairly cost-intensive, so you may choose not to invest if you are at low risk.

3. Type of fencing

It’s important to decide between railings and mesh fencing. Railings have a more solid structure and are therefore less susceptible to wear and tear and are less likely to be damaged by naturally occurring forces such as strong winds or storms. However, mesh fencing is structured to resist intrusion very effectively and often outperforms railings in this respect. Consider the types of stress your perimeter is likely to be subjected to and choose accordingly.

These are the three most important factors when choosing a security fencing (or railing-based) perimeter solution. If you’d like any more help picking a solution that meets your needs, feel free to get in touch.

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