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Choosing the right perimeter fencing for your school

Choosing the right perimeter fencing for your school

12th August 2021

Perimeter fencing plays a vital role in the set-up of the modern school, and it’s important to ensure you have the right type for your site. In addition, as an education provider, you need to consider fencing that keeps your school safe, secure and welcoming for all.

Here are some ideas to help you make the right choice.

Consider the security benefits.

The perimeter fencing that you choose needs to provide the first line of defence regarding school security. Paramount to this is the need to maximise child safety at all times, as well as the security and safety of staff, visitors and property.

The fencing needs to be made from robust, durable materials that can withstand the elements while offering a secure barrier against potential vandals and intruders. However, there are other safety elements to consider in a school environment with different aged children.

For instance, does the school fencing offer adequate access controls, providing protection against trespassers and ensuring that younger kids remain safely within the school grounds?

Think about solutions, such as mesh fencing that conform to industry standards while offering additional safety features such as slow-closing gates and finger trap guards that protect young limbs and digits from injury.

Maintaining low visual impact.

While your perimeter fencing needs to maximise the safety and security of your school, you don’t want it to create a foreboding environment. You still need to establish a welcoming, pleasant site to visit and suitable for education and play.

Consider wire fencing options that maintain high-security standards while remaining unobtrusive, blending in with its location. In addition, the fencing should offer plenty of visibility, allowing kids and teachers a view beyond the grounds and a welcoming sight for parents arriving to pick up their kids at the end of the day.


School settings that have been designed with well-being, safety and enjoyment in mind can have a significantly positive impact on a child’s learning and development. The perimeter fencing that you choose to protect the site’s boundaries plays a huge part in this, creating an environment that’s both safe and appealing as a place for learning and play.

From nursery to high school and college, at Zaun, we offer a range of perimeter fence options ideal for any environment. So get in touch and find out more.