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Outdoor pools at holiday campsites: what the HSE says about fencing

Outdoor pools at holiday campsites: what the HSE says about fencing

09th April 2019

With summer just around the corner, many holiday destinations and campsites are already getting prepared for the influx of visitors. Popular destinations can even expect to be fully booked up with families during the forthcoming Easter half-term, which means ticking all the health and safety boxes to ensure complete satisfaction.

A lot of holiday sites in the UK feature outdoor heated swimming pools. These are great for the entire family to enjoy, and children in particular love to spend time in the pool. But did you know that there are certain fencing precautions that businesses must take to protect visitors?

What the HSE says

The fourth edition of the Health and Safety Executive’s publication “Health and safety in swimming pools” is quite clear on the law regarding swimming pool fencing. Section 72 of the document, subtitled “Preventing Unauthorised Access”, states that owners of open-air pools should consider putting up fences to prevent unaccompanied children from accessing the pool. Swimming pool fencing is also useful in preventing unauthorised access to the pool after hours. For complete security, it should be used in conjunction with CCTV or motion-sensitive lighting if possible.

Swimming pool fencing solutions

While swimming pool fencing is a necessary safety feature, it doesn’t have to be unsightly – in fact, it should allow spectators (such as parents) and staff (lifeguards) to be able to keep a close eye on pool attendees. With this in mind, mesh pool fencing is arguably the best solution. It can be customised to match the style and shape of the pool and could actually enhance the appearance of the pool area. For businesses with an outdoor pool, this is great news, as the increased safety and improved appearance all lend themselves to positive reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. Parents value security, and a clean, tidy pool with adequate safety features could result in repeat bookings for your business over subsequent holidays.

If you’d like more information on how Zaun can design and install swimming pool perimeter fencing for your outdoor pool, give us a call or browse our website. A member of our experienced security fencing experts will be happy to discuss your requirements.