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Swimming pool fences saves lives

Swimming pool fences saves lives

20th August 2015

We all dream of having a swimming pool in the garden, but those lucky enough to have a pool know all too well that it can be a constant worry when children are left unattended near the water’s edge.

Every year there are tragic stories in the news about children that fall into pools, and protecting them is simply a matter of fencing off the pool. Unfortunately, pools have been known to claim the lives of pets, too, as dogs and cats can fall into swimming pools and panic, especially if the pool does not have stairs and relies on a ladder for access.

Proper fencing can literally be a lifesaver. Even this year, a coroner called for Britain to follow other countries that have already implemented laws to ensure that garden pools are fenced off, following the death of a young boy in Wiltshire.

Australia and France already have strict legislation to protect the nation’s youngsters, and a fence must be placed around any pool containing more than 300mm of water. Unfortunately, there are no such rules in the UK, but safety-conscious homeowners that want to protect their children from drowning don’t need a law to realise it’s a good idea to fence off their pool.

Modern swimming pool fences are a world away from the prison block-style barricades that used to sit around the municipal pools, too, and they can now fit elegantly into the most extravagant garden design. From near-invisible glass panels to wire mesh and timber options, there are a vast number of ways to protect your children and animals without sacrificing style.

Alternatively, you can opt for the added security of vertical bar railings that will give you complete peace of mind; you can even add a lockable gate, which means the pool is completely secured when you’re not enjoying a swim.

A swimming pool is a real privilege, and it’s a welcome addition to any garden. Still, to prevent the dream from turning into a nightmare, you owe it to yourself and your family to properly secure it with a perimeter fence that will protect your children, your pets and everybody else.

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