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The importance of good adhesion in powder coating

The importance of good adhesion in powder coating

08th January 2021

Powder coating is the process of applying a special protective layer of coloured powder to the surface of a metal fence or gate. This electrostatically charged powder is applied to the metal before it is placed into an oven. After being heated up, the powder particles melt together to create a smooth finish that adheres to the metal underneath.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the benefits of powder coating, the importance of adhesion in the coating process and a few methods you can use to improve the adhesion of your powder coating.

What are the benefits of powder coating?

One of the main benefits of powder coating over traditional painting is that there is no wet paint present that could evaporate into the surrounding air, reducing the risk of environmental damage. As well as being an eco-friendly option, powder coating is also a much smoother and more seamless method of adding a layer of colour to fencing as it forms a chemical bond with the metal underneath. Not only is this a much safer and easier method of application, but it also functions as a protective layer to prevent your fence from developing rust over time. In addition, with proper maintenance and cleaning, a layer of powder coating can last for many years.

Why is good adhesion important?

For your fencing system to be adequately protected against rusting, it’s essential for your protective layer of powder coating to properly adhere to the metal so that it will not wear away over time. Furthermore, for your fencing system to acquire the optimal level of corrosion protection, you need to meet the main international standard of ISO 12944 by following its series of detailed instructions during production.

How can I improve the adhesion of powder coating?

To improve the adhesion of your powder coating, it’s essential to make sure that the surface to be coated is as clean as possible. There are several methods of cleaning metal surfaces, such as:


One of the most straightforward methods of cleaning your fencing before adding a layer of powder coating is by wiping it with a solvent to remove any contaminants or oils on the surface. However, this isn’t the most accurate method of cleaning your metal surface, as the rag you use to wipe up the contaminants can become saturated with oil.


The most effective method of cleaning metal surfaces is by automatic washing, dipping or pressure washing. Applying hot water to the metal can break down the layer of oil on the surface and reach smaller gaps. Adding a detergent to your cleaning solution is also a great way of clearing away any polishing compounds, waxes or oils that could prevent your powder costing from adhering.


Blasting your metal fence with shot or sand is another less conventional method of stripping the surface of the metal before refinishing it. However, while the blasting process can smooth over any surface defects that might be present in raw metal, it does not eliminate any contaminants or oils that might be present.

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