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Gillingham gates carry stag school crest

Gillingham gates carry stag school crest

15th March 2016

A Dorset comprehensive school celebrating its 500th anniversary has emblazoned its entrance gates with its stag motif.

Gillingham School – founded in 1516 by a group of local landowners who gifted funds to pay a schoolmaster to teach the boys of the town and first admitted girls a century ago – has commissioned five new pairs of gates for installation within its existing fencing line.

It asked school fencing expert Zaun to replicate the stag on its school crest within the main entrance gates, using a plasma cutter that can cut any shape from steel.

Zaun made all three pairs of vehicle Gillingham gates and the two pedestrian Gillingham gates from its Duo8 double wire fencing system, which is manufactured from dual horizontal 8mm wires sandwiching a single 6mm vertical wire, producing a strong and vandal resistant 50mm x 200mm mesh pattern.

Two of the pairs of gates had to be custom-designed with longer slanted bottom rails to accommodate sloping ground beneath.

About Zaun

Zaun Limited is the sole remaining manufacturer of welded and woven mesh fencing systems that manufacture the UK’s entire system.  Zaun makes the mesh, fencing panels, posts, clamp bars and fixings at its state-of-the-art five-acre production facility in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.  Products have been tested and approved by testing organisations, including CPNI, LPCB and Secured by Design.

Zaun works very closely with all stakeholders within the business, including employees, local, national and international suppliers and a long-established customer base of fencing contractors to design, manufacture and supply high-quality fencing systems, increasingly often providing expertise in integrating PIDs and other systems into holistic security solutions.

Zaun was founded in 1996 and remained a private company solely owned by co-founder Alastair Henman with a regional office in Dubai.  It manufactures to ISO 9001 standards. It is also a member of the Perimeter Security Suppliers’ Association (PSSA), of which Alastair Henman is a director.

Zaun is a proud British manufacturer and founder of the Made in Britain campaign, a key player in the UK fencing market and one of the fastest-growing companies in an increasingly competitive industry.