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Exploring three-step security for schools

Exploring three-step security for schools

10th August 2021

Schools across the country may be returning to full operation after the school holidays, with pupils and faculty members returning onsite. While students are on the premises, schools are charged with their care, but educational facilities must also ensure that during school closures sites remain secure.

Many schools throughout the UK have invested heavily in technology, representing a significant financial investment. Whether a school is closed during a government lockdown or overnight and at weekends, it is essential to protect against intrusion.

We’ll explore three key steps to secure staff, students, and expensive assets at your school or college in the following sections.

Visitor registration protocols

No unauthorised individuals should ever be allowed to access your school. Putting protocols in place that only those invited are able to set foot on site is critical to safeguard both pupils and property, so make sure that all visitors are registered and access strictly monitored.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

The latest CCTV devices are unobtrusive and capable of recording high-definition footage that can provide evidential content when crimes are committed and effective monitoring of your school. Out of hours, systems can be connected to alarms alerting authorities of trespass activity; When your school is open, it can help maintain social distancing, spot unwanted visitors, and deter bullying.

School fencing

Nothing acts as a more powerful physical and psychological deterrent against criminal trespass than fortifying your school with security fencing. Ideal for keeping intruders off-site, it is also an ideal option for keeping students under your care within the safe confines of the school during the hours you are responsible for them. For enhanced perimeter security, fencing can be fitted with security gates, ensuring no unauthorised access, protecting any expensive assets out of hours.

Experts in security fencing

If you’re looking to tighten your defences and want to upgrade your security with robust perimeter fencing or school gates, you can rely on Zaun for assistance. Contact our team today for advice on the best solution to achieve your security aims on site.