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Why is there a need for security fencing for Zoos

Why is there a need for security fencing for Zoos

22nd September 2020

Zoos provide an entertaining day out for the whole family, offering adults and children the chance to see wild animals up close. While zoos may seem to have fun and enjoyment as their focus, safety is actually the most important factor that any zoo owner should consider. Security fencing is one of the key safety solutions that all zoos should implement; for more information, why continue reading.

Protecting visitors

Zoos should be a safe and secure space for families to visit, and no guest should be concerned about their own personal safety. However, there have unfortunately been cases around the world where children have found their way into enclosures. This has resulted in either harm to the child or the animal in question. These cases have all occurred as a result of poor and inadequate fencing around the enclosure. High-quality security fencing is durable and hard-wearing, meaning that no visitor can get past it.

Helping animals

Often, different animal species will require different types of security fencing. For example, an elephant enclosure will require very high perimeter fencing. Using welded mesh fencing, they need to ensure that the gaps are small enough so that elephants cannot push their trunks through. Dangerous animals such as lions and tigers require even more secure fencing solutions, such as double fencing more maximum safety. Animals such as monkeys may need safety cages with railings if they are contained in a large enclosure with tall trees to minimise chances of escape. Zoos need to work with providers to discuss these certain requirements.

Protecting endangered species

Zoos do essential work in protecting endangered species that are threatened due to poachers or deforestation. For this reason, it is vital that zoos can protect these animals adequately. High-security fencing is necessary to ensure that no harm comes to any zoo animals.

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